Bunny World

The farm is alive with little animals everywhere, domestic and wild! On April 2nd my two rabbit does, Cleome and Marigold had a total of 16 little ones and 13 survived. I weaned them this week, placing them all together in a large pen and they’re so much fun to watch with each having their own personality and playful attitudes.

A few of the cute faces at three weeks of age.

The babies are all Lops which mean they have the droopy ears.

They can leave the farm this week






We have black, tan, tan and white, white, white with black spots, white with black eyes,   It’s hard not to fall in love with such beautiful creatures.

In their new play house!

This is one is so curious.

Group hug!

There are two this color, solid white but seem to have more fur and they love to rub noses with me.

Love those floppy ears

Looks like her mom.

Rabbit ration, carrots, apples and lots of green grass is their diet that they’ve been eating for three weeks. My granddaughters love bananas too.

4 thoughts on “Bunny World

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I think Declan will like the furry little creatures when he’s older! Victoria has her second one from us as a pet and the one she has now will lay on her back in Victoria’s lap and suck down a half of a banana! She’s so cute!



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