Spring pictoral

Just a quick note this morning to share the beauty in my yard so far this spring!

More iris


Shamrock from hubby for Mother’s Day


Hostas everywhere

Tall phlox will bloom late summer

Iris of every color that have never bloomed much. We opened up the maple tree and this is what I got this spring.

Allium got froze back but still showed a little color.

More iris

Roses budding

More iris

More peony

Sweet William, my grandmother’s favorite

Siberian iris

More Sweet William

And more Sweet Williams


Siberian iris

Clematis hiding it’s beautiful bloom

7 responses to “Spring pictoral

  1. Gorgeous! I adore irises .. such a wonderful display!


  2. theranchwifechronicles

    Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the colors and variety of blooms you have. Thank You for sharing with us.


  3. Flowers are beautiful and bunny’s too


  4. Barbara Malone

    Your irises are gorgeous, but Sweet William is my favorite too 🙂


    • Grandma Bradley had very old metal oil cans all over her front porch filled with them when I was little and as I grew older she had them planted all the way around her house. They came back every year more and more beautiful and thicker. I miss her a lot and them too so when I grow them here I have a little bit of her with me every day. It took forever to get them started because I kept pulling them up as weeds! MY Bad!


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