Finished the Yard

Yesterday was the first pretty day I’ve had in over a week without the wind trying to blow me off the mountain!!!  Hubby was turkey hunting and our daughter was working on the yard at her new house so I decided to tackle the rest of our yard and it was bad!

Before the cleanup my yard and flower/rose beds are covered with leaves which protect them from the freezing cold.

Maple tree leaves help protect my roses and perennials all winter long but they’re a bugger to take care of in the spring!

I started raking around 1:00, I think, and finished about two hours later.  I hauled my big wheelbarrow away with six packed-down loads.  Now the entire yard has been cleaned up and I’m ready for some gorgeous flowers to brighten my life!!

This is where I began. It doesn’t look like much now but once the perennials between the roses come out it will look great. The big rocks that I use for edging came from the site where our daughter has built her new home. They make great edging and I don’t disturb the flowers when I’m mowing.

Next was the corner rose garden. I started using the old red gate last year to try to contain the old-fashioned rose. I wired an old birdhouse that Uncle Holl had made to it to dress it up and this year I have a pair of bluebirds nesting in it.

bluebird nesting in the rose garden! Love it!

Then I cleaned out the Siberian iris along the south fence prepared the wheelbarrow for something bright red and purple.

After that I replaced my lawn wind flower that Heather got me for Christmas. I love that thing!!! I have to take it down when the wind gets up because it twirls itself apart!  The front of the rose garden is full of sweet-william.  I’ve loved that flower since my grandmother grew it when we all lived in Paint Bank as a child.  Last year is the first year I was able to get it started.  It has stayed green all winter and the frost we had the last two days hasn’t hurt it at all.  It’s beautiful when it blooms and blooms all summer.

Johnny jump-ups are all over the yard now.

My daffodils have been beautiful this year!

I’m so glad the cold doesn’t hurt them.

Isn’t this color so very bright?



10 thoughts on “Finished the Yard

  1. theranchwifechronicles

    You have been a busy lady, Rita! Your cleaned up yard looks good. No flowers blooming on the northern prairie. We are seeing the grass turn green and a few buds on the lilac bushes and plumb thickets.


  2. Vickie

    Whew – I’m tired just reading all the work you did! It’s going to look beautiful when all the roses come in. I love your daffodils. Mine didn’t do so well this year. I’ll feed them and hope for a better bloom next year. Congrats on your bluebirds!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Fritz

    Wow, look at all that lovely green grass and those spring flowers. Up here in the northeast we’re having our first full week of 100% above freezing temps. With a little luck almost all of our snow will be gone after Easter. In another month hopefully we will look like you do now. It looks so inviting!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Colin


    Very interesting posts on your life on the Caldwell ranch.
    Your new cattle yards are most impressive.
    E-mail on events here soon.
    Your Aussie mate

    Liked by 1 person


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