I Finally Meet My Grandson

On January 20th my son and I traveled to New Jersey so that I could finally meet Declan Bryant Malone-Caldwell!! I cried when I met him and when I left him.

Finally we meet and he didn't cry but Nana did!

Finally we meet and he didn’t cry but Nana did!

I was so shocked at how big he was and what a beautiful little boy.  He weighs 14 pounds and 12 ounces, he is rarely still unless he’s sleeping and when he talks to us he sounds so serious!!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve attached of this wonderful little guy that was born almost three months too soon and weighed only two pounds and two ounces in July 2016.

Who is this woman???

Who is this woman???

Nana shows me a book from my cousin Victoria.

Nana shows me a book from my cousin Victoria.


img_1463 img_1464 img_146601202017first-visit-from-nana-901202017first-visit-from-nana-801202017first-visit-from-nana-201202017first-visit-from-nana-1 img_1472 img_1477-1 img_1480-mov img_1495 img_1494 img_1492-mov img_1490 img_1489 img_1488Declan loves to watch TV and his mom has Disney movies showing a lot and he loves the colors and flashing pictures.img_1486





We had a wonderful three days with him and I can’t wait to go for another visit but it truly breaks my heart to leave him.  He is a very happy little boy and his mom said that when he has the final surgery she will feel better traveling any distance with him.  She said she would bring him to the farm when she feels she can safely travel any distance away from his neonatal doctors and his regular physicians.

01202017first-visit-from-nana-32 01202017first-visit-from-nana-31 01202017first-visit-from-nana-29 01202017first-visit-from-nana-25 01202017first-visit-from-nana-17 01202017first-visit-from-nana-14 01202017first-visit-from-nana-11Then we had to leave, but I hope to get up to NJ one more time before he turns one year old.  Our son visits him once a month and Declan’s Grandmother Malone keeps in touch with me almost daily and sends us pictures every day that she is with him.

Final goodbye from Nana!

Final goodbye from Nana!


Bye Daddy!

Bye Daddy!


One last bottle from Daddy before we leave.

One last bottle from Daddy before we leave.

Declan lives about 450 miles from our farm in Virginia and it’s about a 7 1/2 hour drive.  01202017first-visit-from-nana-56 01202017first-visit-from-nana-54 01202017first-visit-from-nana-53Daddy will see you in February and Nana will keep in touch daily!

12 thoughts on “I Finally Meet My Grandson

  1. Oh how wonderful! I understand the feeling. I got to meet my grandson a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to hold him all the time I was there. It was hard leaving. I guess I will be traveling to California more often now.

    Your pictures say it all. Such love. What a beautiful little boy.


  2. It was lovely to see you and Shawn. Great photos! So glad he’s such a happy, friendly little boy. I tell him all the time that his Nana loves him — now he knows it’s true 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was shaking all over when we first came into the house and he was sitting in his feeding chair! Being able to hold him, feed him and change him was beyond believable and brought back so many memories of being with Victoria and my own children! He’s a true treasure!! I feel very blessed to have both of you in my life!


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