Spring calving

2016 spring herd grazing along.

2016 spring herd grazing along.

Most of our morning was spent with our cattle, my daughter & son-in-law, and two very good friends.  We had 24 calves from this herd and they all received their baby vaccinations, pinkeye and tetanus shots, eartagged and banded if they were bull calves.  Everything went smoothly and only took about two hours.  We have some beauties in this herd and the last one was born last week.

2016 (3)Big Herd cows calves 2016 (6)Big Herd cows calves 2016 (8)Big Herd cows calves

After taking care of all of them we turned Clyde and Sam (new bull) in with the herd.  This is always a big chore but went quickly this morning since we had such wonderful help.  I hope they all know how much we appreciate giving us their time and muscles.

Now we watch them grow!!

Eddie likes to play with the little ones when they're just a couple days old.

Eddie likes to play with the little ones when they’re just a couple days old.

2016 (11)Big Herd cows calves

4 thoughts on “Spring calving

  1. Colin

    Good healthy looking Calves.
    The white one is interesting – Charolais????

    Has been wild weather here along the Pacific seaboard – millions
    of dollars of damage – Mother Nature sure let people know just WHO IS THE BOSS.

    Why do people call calves “babies” – the word calf means a baby bull or heifer calf.
    Oh yes hope young Victoria’s graduation went smoothly – these
    US graduation ceremonies are totally foreign to we Aussies.
    We just complete our final year in high school (college – US) and
    the either get a job, or if your marks are high enough to to University,
    Technical College of heaps of choices. These are the places that students graduate from here with a degree or a diploma.
    Your Aussie mate
    ps: I won’t be replacing my PC – will use the free Library service
    where if something goes wrong you get instant assistance.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      Yes, two Charlais and their both heifers this year. All are doing quite well.
      Crazy weather here too but Eddie is getting the hay mowed, raked and baled finally. It’s beautiful today with no wind. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were in the 30’s and 40’s and very windy. I’ve been painting our bedroom and gardening a lot. I’ve had to mow our yard twice a week for several weeks. Everything is lush and green. Victoria graduated Friday night and is at the beach with her folks and boyfriend and starts a new job when she returns as a hostess at a downtown Roanoke Restaurant called Blue 5. Good job that promises to work around her fall college classes and she can stay at home.
      Hope you are well and hope the library computer works well for you.
      Best regards my friend,


  2. Carol Trutt

    How cute. I would love to see some of these babies! When did Victoria graduate? I thought it was this past weekend. Hope to get out there soon. We need to continue our visiting and talk!



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