Beautiful New Stock

Our two-year old heifers will soon meet the one of the men of their life.  These girls have turned out so much better than we hoped.

Six of eight heifers born in March & April of 2014.

Six of eight heifers born in March & April of 2014.

The other two have got out and went back to a closer herd of cattle.  One may have gotten bred in March right before we sold one of our bulls.  We put the date on our calendars to watch since we try to keep close tabs on heifers when having their first babies.  The other one recently decided to take out some old fence and join that herd as well.  She and the other six will be back together in mid-June when one of the new bulls, Buckshot, will meet his first ever small herd. There are six Angus and the other two are Angus White-faced.

The cattle market prices have dropped drastically since last fall and now will be the time to add bought heifers but these were raised on the farm.  Their mothers are good milkers and their daddy came from a Holstein mother.  We can only hope and pray they are great nurturing mothers with lots of milk!

8 thoughts on “Beautiful New Stock

  1. Colin

    Great update.
    Generally we say “boys will be boys”, but in the case of your
    two “over-sexed” heifers, that may have to be changed to
    “girls will be girls”.
    Hope the two “naughty” fence hoppers picked at “good sort”
    to mate with?????


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      The boy was the one that tore down the fence twice and is the reason he now has the name “buckshot” after Eddie filled his butt up with #4 shot. He was real quiet for a couple days but is back to himself now and ready to put the girls to rest from the “bulling” spells. They’re coming in heat the last week of the month like clockwork and we’ll add Buckshot to their field in two weeks.



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