Babies on the Ground

Our calving season has begun and I’ll share some quick pics of the new babies.

The famous #29 that my daughter Heather has had a few issues with.  She's getting very old and will probably leave the farm this fall but she just dropped a beautiful black white face heifer!

The famous #29 that my daughter Heather has had a few issues with. She’s getting very old and will probably leave the farm this fall but she just dropped a beautiful black white face heifer!






We’ve just started the season and we have two heifers and three bulls so far.  They’ve all been very small but you wouldn’t believe the energy they have.  They’re keeping their mothers busy keeping up with them and when they run across the meadow they thing they’re Super Babies!


7 thoughts on “Babies on the Ground

  1. Colin

    Thanks for the reply Rita.
    Bad luck with a repeat of the snow etc, hopefully will be the last “blast” before Spring fully arrives.
    Angus x Hereford Bull eh? Excellent meat producers, I can almost taste the succulent steaks on the BBQ.
    Here in the sub-tropics we don’t have too many deciduous trees, the jacarandas ( purple flowers) and a red similar tree – the name of which I can’t remember drop leaves and masses of flowers – not advisable to have near buildings – drain cluttering pests and road drainage pests.
    Lovely to admire way out in the paddocks or parks!!!!!!

    However similar “nits” like your squirrel removers do reign supreme in councils where they decide to plant along the roads “imported” deciduous trees which are pests! They drop all their leaves and make an ungodly mess for the council workers to clean up. If the workers had their way and I had my way, plus the residents who have homes with these trees in front of, all these bloody horror trees would be cut down. They don’t even flower!!!! But I reckon they can grow in cement, thus they are planted – no maintenance required.
    The only plants that these so-called geniuses of the office have are a couple of miserable pot plants on their high rise apartment balconies.
    Get the picture?????????????


  2. Vickie Westcamp

    Awwwww….. so cute! Congratulations – looks like spring has sprung around your parts! We are also getting some cold rainy weather this weekend – just when the peach trees started blooming. Nuts!


  3. Colin

    All blog reports very interesting Rita.
    What breed is the bull that you put the Angus cows to.
    A Hereford????
    You certainly have plenty of good green fodder in the paddocks
    for the cows and obviously the freeze of winter has now passed on?
    Excellent Autumn day here, Sydney and down south have had heaps of rain – too much really, however the “outback” has had excellent recordings of rain, so the winter months are looking very good for the rural community.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      With this herd we ran a Angus bull and a Black-white face because the herd is fairly big. We’re selling both in a month or so and Eddie is looking for new bulls to have by June 1st. Both of these are 5 and 6 years old and getting too big.
      The grass is greening beautifully but expecting snow and ice on Sunday and that will set everything back including the fruit trees that are budding. I worry more about the one bee hive we have left and any calves that may come on Sunday. We’ll be riding the herd a lot that day and night.
      Good to hear from you and enjoy your fall!! Hope it’s pretty there with the foliage like it is here in the fall!



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