The Saga of Cindy

Cindy-1 week after we brought her home to care for and her eyes had opened.  She was a little bit bigger than my thumb!

Cindy-1 week after we brought her home to care for and her eyes had opened. She was a little bit bigger than my thumb!

Good day but sad day as the saga of Cindy ends with the Caldwell family. You will remember back in August we had some friends cutting firewood on the farm and one of the trees cut held the home of Cindy, her two siblings and her Mom. Mom was killed when the tree fell and her two siblings lived for two days. Cindy lived and I nursed to a full grown squirrel.

After one month she was running around everywhere.

After one month she was running around everywhere.

I had planned to release her in late fall but there wasn’t any squirrel food available due to several late frosts in spring 2015 that killed most of the nut crop and fruit crop that squirrels live on during the winter. At that point I didn’t want her to starve to death so we had planned to release her this spring when the plants came up in the woods along with a suitcase of her bed linens, toys and food that we purchased.
In January, something happened to her and she couldn’t walk and I was convinced it had to do with something missing from her diet or a late complication from the tree fall.  I called the Wildlife Alliance to ask for their help in what to do but all they were interested in was why I had her and that it was against the law!  They gave me the number of some Wildlife Rehabs in the area and wanted me to call them.  That afternoon my phone number had been tracked on caller ID and  our address located and by 4:00 p.m. the Game Commission was in our driveway talking to Eddie and wanted the squirrel turned over.  He had quite the conversation with them and poor little Cindy broke my heart when I turned her over to them.  Before they left, Eddie was issued a citation for harboring a wild animal and his court date was this morning.

Now let me say this on our behalf,  we are animal lovers and I love all animals  but will do anything to protect and save any animal wild or domesticated.  They become one of my children until it’s time to let them go.  I don’t purposely orphan any animal just for grins and whistles.

Long story short, Eddie went to court without me this morning and was back home within an hour.  The case was dismissed!  The game warden told the judge the complete story about why we had it and that we had planned to release her.  He said that Mr. Caldwell was cooperative and he believed we intended to release the animal.  Then the Commonwealths Attorney told Mr. Caldwell and the judge that although it was against the law to harbor a wild animal of any kind he believed that we were truly rescuing an injured animal and believed the case should be dismissed.  Mr. Caldwell “Eddie” didn’t have to say anything except that he did admit to being guilty of having the animal.    The game warden did say in court that Cindy had been taken to a wildlife rehab and was found to have a broken back and was euthanized!!  I find this hard to believe since I had played with her most of the morning and she was asleep in her house when I found her unable to walk and this is why the organizations were called.

Life goes on and I’ll always have my memories, pictures and videos of one of the happiest and well cared for little creatures in the world.  I still cry when I think about her looking up at me when I had to give her up so we’ll end this saga and I pray everyone will understand why we were such horrible law breakers!!

Cindy 092015IMG_2868 IMG_2866 IMG_2863 IMG_0004 DSCN7408 Cindy 09032015 (5) Cindy 092015Cindy 10032015 (13) Cindy 12142015 (1) Cindy 12142015 (3) DSCN7848

Cindy is growing like a weed.

She's always smelling my hands to make sure I haven't held someone else.  I always wash my hands good with Dove soap before handling and this is the scent she knows is Mom!

She was always smelling my hands to make sure I haven’t held someone else. I always wash my hands good with Dove soap before handling and this is the scent she knew as Mom!

She likes stretching out too when she's eating.

She liked stretching out too when she was eating her bottle.


12 thoughts on “The Saga of Cindy

  1. Mamie

    Oh Sugar, I feel for you. I know it hurts. God sees what you did to help his creature. Next time keep it a secret. Don’t even post one pic on here because they may be watching you now. God speed! On the brighter side, spring is headed this way and its time for planting and all the cool stuff on the farm.


  2. Colin

    Law breakers you and Eddie were NOT.
    Custodians of an orphaned baby animal you WERE.
    Thank God in this case the laws of justice were in the realms
    of sanity.
    I applaud your efforts and maybe the wildlife “protectors” of the
    office blocks might JUST have learnt something.

    The “broken back” – it is possible, more than likely they ( the office
    workers) had no idea how to handle a baby squirrel.

    Cheers and hopefully all is well on Farm “Caldwell”?
    Summer certainly has gone from here, the cooler mornings
    are lovely with the sunny days, but we have had a lot of rain and the outback has been BLESSED with unseasonal great drenchings.
    The cattle, sheep and crop people are doing cartwheels of joy for the on coming winter months – minus of course your blizzards and snows ha ha!


  3. dayphoto

    A broken back!!! Come on…that little girl didn’t have a broken back. What the ?!?!?!?! I’m so sorry this happened to you. Your friends KNOW that you were doing good!!!

    Love you!


  4. Barbara Malone

    I hate to subscribe to the belief that “no good deed goes unpunished,” but this still makes my blood boil. I’m glad she had such a good life on the farm but sorry it was cut short 😥 I enjoyed your pictures and stories and am glad I got to see her little home at Thanksgiving.


  5. carol Trutt

    What the heck!!! First of all happy to hear that they finally understood what was going on with Cindy and they dropped the case. But hard to believe that all of a sudden she had a broken back! What! You do have some wonderful memories of Cindy so hold on to them. Love you



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