2016 Resolutions

RitaI’ve been thinking for the last couple of days about resolutions that people make every year and I’m one of those people. Each year I try to come up with 10-15 resolutions that I really want to fulfill. Now these are not my “bucket list” which is a list of the same things but they’re for your lifetime.
My 2016 resolutions are:
1. Try to be more compassionate to those less fortunate than myself.
2. Count my blessings everyday!
3. Tell and show my family how much I love them more than I do now.
4. Teach myself to knit.
5. Set up my loom and learn how to weave.
6. Find and set out at least five new fruit trees.
7. Lose 10 more pounds.
8. Write a personal letter to friends and family at least once a week. That’s only 52 letters and I know I can do this if I just set my mind too it!
9. Take my younger brother on a day trip every other month. A trip that is just for me and him to connect and have a good time.
10. Finish the two quilts I started two years ago. I started a sampler quilt last year and a snowman quilt the year before.
11. Grow and spend more time in my gardens this year.
12. Spend a long weekend with my friend in Maryland.
13. Make at least one thing every two weeks from my “Idea Book” (more on that later)

14.  Road trip with my love at least once a month!

15.  Girls Trip with my daughter in 2016 because the 2015 trip was such a blast!

16.  Try one new recipe a month.

17.  Write posts on my blog better than in 2015.

18.  Make at least two more quilts besides the two previous.

19.  Finish the three cross stitch pieces I started years ago.

20.  Start and finish a 2016 journal.

Wow, if I can keep at least half of these resolutions in 2016 I’ll be very proud of myself.  I’ll check back in six months with an update and another at the end of 2016.


1 thought on “2016 Resolutions

  1. Colin

    Good luck with those “resolutions” – I look forward to the end of
    year report – ha ha.
    Just gave the numbers of spectators around the Harbour and CBD
    for the Sydney celebrations – $35 million worth of fireworks and the well behaved crowd was 1.6 millions – thousands of overseas tourists come for this exhibition.
    Don’t wish to boast but is always voted the best in the World.
    Presently the Moscow display is on – pretty good but you need a harbour – ha ha.
    Now the crowds are descending on the Sydney beaches in fine, warm weather for surfing and BBQ-ing.



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