Cindy Video

Cindy is growing like a weed.

Cindy is growing like a weed.

I’ve just spent the last two hours working with my orphans.  This consisted of the last 20 minutes trying to coax Cindy back into her warm bed so I could get some house work done.   The other hour and a half was spent trying to get Roscoe to come out of his first tree since orphaned.  He wanted out but couldn’t figure out how to climb DOWN.

Now I can get my house work completed but wanted to leave you with a link to my Facebook link that is a video of Cindy in action when I let her out to play.  Hope you enjoy and get a good laugh on this rainy, dreary day!

4 responses to “Cindy Video

  1. someone left a comment that they couldn’t see the video. And it said it was unavailable for me too! ?????


  2. For some reason I can’t see the video. What is your facebook page as I can’t seem to find the link on this page. Maybe wordpress problems, not sure


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