No more excuses, I’m just . . . .

too sorry to write a good post!!! Yes, I’ve been a little busy but that’s no excuse for not writing a quick post at least once a week. SO, I’ll TRY to do better from here on out!

Cindy is growing like a weed.

Cindy is growing like a weed.

This is a early picture of Miracle.

This is an early picture of Miracle.

Mama's little boy

Mama’s little boy

Changing seasons

Changing seasons

Mother Nature has thrown me for a loop the past two weeks with cold weather, hot weather, rain, and now cold weather again.  The orphans take a lot of my time.  I’ve been bow hunting a lot and reading some good books while in my deer stand, cleaning my house, working on a cookbook and much more.  But that’s still no excuse.

Today will find me baking cookies and writing posts most of the day.  Please forgive my absence!

4 thoughts on “No more excuses, I’m just . . . .

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      It doesn’t seem to take much to get me off track when it comes to the blog though I enjoy it so much and have met some wonderful new friends because of it. Life does go on whether we blog or not so I guess we just need to stop beating ourselves up over it.
      I do love your stories and look forward to reading them each day. We’ll do our best and keep on farming!!
      Have a great day!

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  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    The raccoon is Roscoe and I posted about him on September 14th. When Cindy got too big for the sewing basket we put her in the cage. It’s huge and she has a three story home to play in. I let her out to run on the back porch for a couple hours every day but have to watch her close so she doesn’t chew wires into on the freezer or anything else. She tends to be very messy and I try to keep the mess contained but still give her room to do her thing. Tell Gwen I need to find Cindy some teeny tiny boxing gloves because she loves to box with my fingers and wrestle with my hand. Roscoe is very timid and gets defensive unless I’m holding him and he’s definitely a mama’s boy. The cookies are a new recipe I tried called Sand Tarts and they’re very much like Mexican Wedding Cookies. Going to make a new cookie recipe at least twice a week from now until Christmas and I promise to share them with you. I’m just going to show up one day and pray that both of you are there. Did someone say chocolate? 😉 I feel the same girlfriend and can’t wait to hug you!


  2. Carol Trutt

    When did the raccoon come into the picture, along with Cindy in a cage!!! You are so funny. and where are my cookies? 🙂



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