During our work this morning with Miracle we found out that Annabelle has pinkeye!!  This will be our first issue this year and pray it’ll be our last.  With a couple doughnuts and leftover biscuits we were able to get her up and treated her with LA-200 antibiotic.  Now we wait and hope she get’s better, doesn’t spread it to the other cows and especially to her little bull calf!!



2 thoughts on “OH NO!!

  1. Colin Huggins

    Warning: Don’t take chances with any contagious diseases.
    Sentimentality is all good, but a wipe out is disaster.
    I am sure you will weigh up all the pros and cons.
    I wish you every success with this new problem.
    Pragmatism is required – no matter how difficult it is
    to implement.
    Your Aussie Mate



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