Had enough. . . time to retire

I’ve been working at Virginia Tech since April 2011 and last July moved to a different department on campus. I loved the job, especially loved the students and worked hard for my department.
I will be 62 in December and my workload and the stress have been getting worse over the last couple months. By the end of most days I would have a headache that seemed to build until I started home.  And no matter what anyone says, you can’t leave at the office.  I would dream about my job and work issues.

I used to love my job but on Tuesday of last week I decided I just can’t take this anymore!  It’s just not worth it!!  I worked all day and when I prepared to leave for the day, I decided then it would be my last day.  I packed up my personal belongings, locked up the files and left my office and file keys in the desk with no intention of coming back.
I came home and talked to Eddie about my decision and he’s behind 100% and was surprised I stayed as long as I did. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders!!
I drafted a resignation letter that night and attached it to an email to my supervisor and department head of the center where I worked. I copied my children and best friends on the note!!
I slept better that night than I had for several months and consider myself one of the luckiest women in the world.
I will have to find some odd jobs to help pay for the “dreaded” health insurance because ours will run out on the 31st of July and we can’t be without health insurance living on a farm.
The odd jobs I’m looking for will be light housekeeping (including washing windows, I love doing that) and home/office organization jobs. Organization seems to be my forte and I did housecleaning when my kids were growing up for extra cash.


20 thoughts on “Had enough. . . time to retire

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I’m just starting to get past that very issue and made a list of things I want to get done before winter and a list of “indoor” things that can be done on rainy days and during the winter. Got a lot of catching up on cleaning my house which now is top priority, then the yard.

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  1. Colin Huggins

    Initially you will find it hard and that is true.
    But at least you have the farm life to keep you
    occupied and very busy.
    Everyday is a so-called holiday – it is strange and I still
    haven’t really adapted. No weekends to look forward to etc.
    Anyhow you should have retirement superannuation like
    we have here – putting as much as possible into a “piggy
    bank” for retirement. Just hope that there is no financial
    world wide monetary collapse.
    Happened to me a week after I retired – $80,000
    disappeared overnight! I only had superannuation
    which became compulsory here for 15 years of work!!!
    One of my mates who was able as his wife also worked
    in a good job put nearly all his salary into superannuation
    funds – he lost $750,000 overnight and promptly suffered
    a heart attack – is now virtually a recluse and a “vegetable”.
    PS: The southern cold change has arrived here last night.
    I am dressed like an Eskimo – the temp is 4c to 14c – not cold
    in West Virginia terms but for here – bloody freezing.
    Yesterday Melbourne – the Capital of Victoria had it’s coldest day for 100 years!!!!!
    Hope you got my e-mails????


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      Thanks Colin! Hope you are warming up! I didn’t have much retirement to put back because I didn’t start working until my babies were grown and on their own. Worked for a Farm Bureau office in town with no insurance or retirement for 19 years and went to VA Tech in 2011 but I’ll get enough for a little nest egg to put away for emergencies. We’ll be fine.
      Stay warm!!
      Thinking of you, Rita


  2. Seasonsgirl

    I am so happy for you. I am thinking of leaving my full time job because of the same stress, craziness, insanity, and lack of appreciation. The only problem has been what I will do about health insurance. Keep me posted where you find the best health insurance as if I can find some that’s affordable I may convince hubby to let me quit and work part time at my private practice 😉
    What did you do for VA Tech? My church brother goes there he just finished his sophomore year.
    I am proud of you for taking care of yourself and not staying stuck in a bad job situation. 🙂


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I was an administrative assistant to Coal & Energy department for three years and had been in the Aerospace & Ocean engineering department for the last year. Too much stress!! Health insurance was my reason for working but found a decent plan with an agent in Salem VA and he found me an exchange plan for $440 a month and we can handle that. I’ll be 62 in December and will sign up for social security to help out and may try to find a couple cleaning jobs and some seamstress work. For now, just going to enjoy my home and the farm. Good luck with your situation and hope it works out soon!!

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