Raspberry season

First fruit of the year for us this year is raspberries and Eddie and I are picking about a pint of wild raspberries every other day. He picks them for me because I love them fresh, in preserves/jams, berry pies and in muffins. He just likes the fresh off the vine but can’t eat too many of them since his gall bladder was removed about five years ago.

Fresh raspberries

Fresh raspberries

A cup here and a cup there!

A cup here and a cup there!

Todays cup will add a total of two gallon to the freezer.

First gallon

First gallon

As soon as we pick them I they get washed, dried, and spread on a cookie sheet and I put them in the freezer.  The next day I shake them loose and put them in a gallon freezer bag.  When I freeze them loose like this, I don’t have to thaw the entire bag when I want to make muffins or pancakes,  I pour out what I need and zip the bag  and put them back in the freezer.  If I want to make a batch of jam or a cobbler, I can use the whole bag or  whatever my recipe calls for.

A layer of fresh berries on a cookie sheet and pop in the freezer overnight.

A layer of fresh berries on a cookie sheet and pop in the freezer overnight.


The season is just about over and the birds are eating them faster than we can pick them but what we have will not go to waste.

8 thoughts on “Raspberry season

  1. Colin Huggins

    Funny replies?????????????????? Above.
    You are well organised and to be congratulated.
    Raspberry pies and ice-cream are really great,
    as are the cheese cake varieties with the raspberry
    through them – but they are made by factories for bloody supermarkets
    to overcharge for their wretched profits – I am sure on a scale of 1 to 10.
    You would score 10.
    Supermarket junk 0.
    Your Aussie mate and loather of supermarkets who put decent people out of business. One day soon we will all wake up and supermarkets will control everything and then what will we pay????
    Support small enterprisers or be damned.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      As long as I can draw a breath no supermarket will control our lives nor my children and grandchild. We’ve made a point of showing them how to grow and preserve anything we eat. The only thing we depend on them for is cleaning supplies and I think I can learn how to remedy that as well. I’ve made soap in my lifetime and good old soap and water will clean anything.



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