Working the calves

Just a peek at what’s entailed in keeping our cattle and calves in good health.  I don’t know what we would do without our daughter’s help.  Farming is in her blood!

Now what??

Now what??

IMG_2251 - Copy


Eartags to match mom and calf in the event of health problems or heifers kept on the farm.

IMG_2250 - Copy

Baby shots to keep them from pinkeye, blackleg, lockjaw, and other diseases.IMG_2249 - Copy

IMG_2248 - Copy


Castration to prevent inbreeding while on the farm.  Cattle start early!!IMG_2247 - Copy

IMG_2246 - Copy


Mother’s waiting outside the gate for the babies.IMG_2245 - Copy

Our new squeeze chute is much gentler on the little ones and on the farmer working on them.IMG_2244 - Copy

Hard part is coaxing them through the metal chute when they can’t see their mama.IMG_2243 - Copy

Somebody got too close to the back-end of another.IMG_2242 - Copy


IMG_2153First baby of our new cows and she’s a red angus.  Small but very frisky.



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