Must read!!

I am a John Grisham fan and just finished his audiobook “Gray Mountain”.

Gray Mountain by John Grisham

Gray Mountain by John Grisham

It’s a mystery and fictional piece of literature that will grab you from the first chapter and keep you guessing.  It’s set in the mountains of West Virginia and the heroine is a young female lawyer working with a group of women at a legal aid clinic.  Samantha learns quickly about small mountain towns, WV coal mining, tragic lives of coal people, murder and what it’s like to go up against lawless big enterprise.  That’s all I will tell you about the story but it’s a great book that keeps you guessing the ending to the very end!!

More literary posts to come!!

3 responses to “Must read!!

  1. I finished my first Grisham today, Skipping Christmas. I loved it and will definitely pick up another one of his books when I visit the library next month.


  2. Barbara Malone

    Love him too — it wasn’t available (audio) so I put a hold on the next electronic copy available 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!


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