Mother Nature delays

Storms and scattered showers in early summer are a farmers heartbreak!

Clouds forming again!

Clouds forming again!

Storm coming down the valley.

Storm coming down the valley.

It’s now the end of June and we’ve only got two small fields of hay down and rolled.

On Father’s Day Eddie put down the first two small meadows of hay and stopped for fear of impending storms again in two days.  On Monday he flipped it and let it dry, Heather raked it and Eddie got it rolled.

First round to go down in 2015 on Father's Day!

First round to go down in 2015 on Father’s Day!

IMG_0006 IMG_0005 IMG_0002

It took about an hour and you could tell from the tractor tires that the ground was wet.  It would take a strong sun and some wind to get it dry.


Last round in field one.

IMG_0008Mother Nature was kind with only a light shower during the night, hot sun and windy on Monday.  After lunch the two rushed to make hay and officially start the summer work.

IMG_0010 IMG_0009



They rolled up 27 bales on this small space that usually produces twenty 4×5 bales.  Wednesday the other meadow went up and now it’s all baled, off the field and stacked tightly end to end along the driveway fence.  It’s a start but we’ve got a long way to go and looks like tomorrow and Monday of this coming will be the only chance they’ll get another area down and rolled.

Mother Nature hopefully will be kind!

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature delays

  1. Chase & Chance's Mom

    My hay guy has already informed us he had a wet first cut and we have had storms on and off for 2 weeks and he can’t get in to cut second and it’s starting to seed. UGH…that means more money per bale for us!


  2. Colin Huggins

    All the best with the hay cut.
    It would be one of the farmer’s worst nightmares or daymares
    this unpredictable weather.
    The thought of wet rolled hay and then hot weather on it, well
    the result can be catastrophic as we know.
    I can assure you that here in Brisbane – and the residents here
    don’t have hay cutting problems – the weather has gone “bananas”.
    Hasn’t got a clue what it wants to do! Is rapidly driving me
    to wrenching out my full crop of hair – ha ha! (no I won’t go
    that far!!! – my film star looks of the 70’s would be in ruins!!!???)

    Cheers and fingers crossed.
    Your Aussie mate



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