Time for New Stock

I had about 30 chickens over the winter and most of the thirty are only laying eggs a couple times a week if that often. I have at least three or four that don’t lay eggs at all now. I know I should cull and do something with them but I’ve had them for AT LEAST six years if not longer and have gotten attached to them. I don’t get all weepy if one dies of old age or gets snatched up by a fox or hawk but I just can’t seem to let them go into a pot!! Hubby says they’re too old to eat but I think maybe he thinks we just don’t have the strength to chew that long! 😉

Old girls are the pick of the crop!!

Old girls are the pick of the crop!!

Anyway, a neighbor gave us around 12-15 young hens a few months back and my pullets raised from old hens last summer are now laying. We’re getting 24-31 eggs a day.



New chooks from Tucker (3)

BUT, I don’t want to go through another winter without fresh eggs again. Store bought eggs just don’t have any “umph”!! In April I took little brother to Tractor Supply and we both fell in love with the tiny fluffs of yellow fuzz and I bought home 12 of them.

DSCN6562 DSCN6563 DSCN6561Now, they’re half grown pullets and I wanted to get at least 12-15 more to grow up with the ones I have. Hubby built me a wonderful brooder box that holds 12-15 quite nicely and then built a run on stilts for the month old chicks.




He did such a wonderful job and after the babes are out running the farm with the old girls, we can raise some nice rabbits in that run. I love fresh rabbit!! Just don’t tell my future daughter in law!!!!

He made a brooder box as well which we’ve stored away and it’ll be used each year as well.

Brooder box holds 12-15 chicks until they're about 6-8 weeks old.  Then they're moved to  the big crate on stilts.

Brooder box holds 12-15 chicks until they’re about 6-8 weeks old. Then they’re moved to the big crate on stilts.

Here’s the little balls of yellow fluff almost fully grown.  All I have to do is do our chicken song and they come running.  We only have eight left, two roosters and six hens.  Three of the twelve were Cornish Game Hens and they’re in the freezer and last week I lost one of my little hens.

Three little hens.

Three little hens.




These little ladies should start laying big brown eggs in late October or early November.

My chicks from last year turned out to be most Americauna and lay beautiful green and blue eggs and we get 9-12 of their eggs a day.

DSCN6995 - Copy DSCN6993 - Copy DSCN6992 - Copy


6 thoughts on “Time for New Stock

  1. Carol Trutt

    If you’re going to eat those old birds make sure you use extra strength polygrip!!! 🙂 Sure did miss your blogs. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful eggs too! Do not like store bought eggs. Really got spoiled eating yours.


  2. Colin Huggins

    OK – seems the blog is back to normal after yesterday’s fiasco.
    So thank you – it was very frustrating and patience is not one of
    my virtues!! That lot of genes comes from my father!
    If anyone was even a minute late without a very sensible reason,
    Dad would have stuck them in front of a firing squad!

    Now in the last photo – those brown hens with the white specks.
    They look the spitting image and they are the same size as what we
    call here – ISA BROWNS – the chooks with the best attitude for egg laying and domesticity. You can have ISA WHIITES – just reverse the colours on the last photo shown – white with brown specks!

    Yes 6 year old chooks would be a bit on the tough side, but to have bloody mongrel foxes and hawks help themselves to a meal – no way.
    I still can’t understand why you persist with bloody roosters with the hens, if you are buying day old chickens of either sex or unsexed.

    I trust you got my e-mail.
    Started off a bloody miserable day here, now raining has ceased
    but with the Pacific Ocean and wind currents – you never know!
    However an umbrella will be the order of the day.


  3. Seasonsgirl

    We did the same thing. We couldn’t kill our old girls, plus they are 5 almost 6 years old… so instead we got 10 new baby chicks. 5 New Hampshire and 5 Cornish Rock Cross chicks. They are almost 8 weeks old and we built a chicken tractor they go out in during the day and at night they go in a small hutch we have inside out big coop. Our older ladies the almost 6 year old Rhode islands and the buff Orpingtons who are about 3 are getting used to the new 10 so far so god 😉 Plus Chase out terrier mix dog is loving having new birds to watch over and herd. Glad you are back blogging I missed your posts. Glad all is well in your lovely part of VA 🙂



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