4 thoughts on “Where did the last 17 years go???

  1. Colin Huggins

    Stunning!!!!!! – you are as proud as punch, as well you should be.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm! I’ll think about that barn motif.
    What about a motif of “Ayers Rock” or Uluru as it is now called
    in the middle of Australia – has now a very expensive resort (Sheraton Hotels “Sails in the Desert”) – if lucky on flights to Asia and then onwards to Europe, flights do fly over it and dip for better views of this huge monolith on one side, and if you have favourable tail winds, the pilot will do a 360 turn and give the passengers on the other side of the plane a view. I have never been there but seen it on a number of flights. Good promotion for the airlines that do so.

    I think an Ayers Rock (Uluru – the Aboriginal sacred word for the rock)
    would make people stop and stare.

    Google “Uluru” and see. I am so full of ideas, eh????

    Your Aussie Mate
    PS: A breeze of sorts has come !!!!! Wunderbar! etc.



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