Pyramids on my porch

I recently purchased these beauties at a Blacksburg Food Lion after falling in love with them at first sight.  My grandmother and my Mom used to have them on their porches every summer.  I’ve never seen baskets shaped like these with really enhance the beauty.


Beautiful baskets

Beautiful baskets



Fushia basket-basket looks like an inverted pyramid.

Fushia basket-basket looks like an inverted pyramid.

5 thoughts on “Pyramids on my porch

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    I’m trying to picture a hedge of fushcia and think it would be probably the most beautiful thing in the world. I hope the toe heals fast and I will let you know the day I receive your letter. You take care and have a grand day!


  2. Colin Huggins

    Very Snazzy pot plant holder. Heaps of fushias in hanging baskets in my street on porches and verandahs etc, but none in pyramid “snazzy” ones. I will tell some of the proud owners of your baskets!
    My grandparents when both lots retired to Sydney grew fushias. They are pretty easy to grow and make very attractive hedges on the fences.
    I have (I think) rebroken a small toe! So am not too happy. Toes fix themselves – I hope this one with extra care from the bumping department will stop aching PRONTO!!!
    According to my estimation with posts – the contents of letter etc should by now have cleared LAX and be enroute to Richmond!
    Then again the Postal agencies and I rarely get things in unision – ha ha!
    Was a cloudless day early – now again the clouds coming from all directions! Damn. Just gives that darn useless drizzle stuff to make everyone miserable!
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)



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