Spring rains

Storms brewing!

Storms brewing!

Skies menacing!

Skies menacing!


They came and went and now the cold will return.  The skies are awesome to watch from the hill behind the house right before a storm brings in the cold spring rain!  It left us with 2.5 inches of rain so far in May.  Those beautiful green pastures are welcome sight to us and the cows.

8 thoughts on “Spring rains

  1. The rain – it brings the grass GREEN – the cattle love green grass.
    Bugger the frosts – they come and go and the cattle do have shelter and are adaptable to the weather. It is just we humans who are a bit slower, eh?
    Great day today at a luncheon with the Hunter Valley duo and 3 former colleagues from up here. Margaret and Peter are up for a week, a bit warmer here than the Hunter Valley area.
    They flew up from Newcastle – left 7.35 am and arrived 8.50 am. A full plane as usual!
    You would have really enjoyed our rip-roaring ‘insults’ as we talked – an Aussie pastime, then again you may have been shocked?
    Still all fun and that is all that matters, eh?


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