Spring delicacy

We had a slow start with our asparagus beds this year but now it’s coming in with leaps and bounds!  I started a new bed last spring from seed and it’s starting to grow but will be at least two more years before we get any food from it.  Most of our beds are wild and started by the birds.  We’re sharing it with friends and family and eating it about every meal.  I’m sure we’ll tire of it soon.

As long as we pick, it keeps coming in.

As long as we pick, it keeps coming in.

Bags and bags of fresh asparagus

Bags and bags of fresh asparagus

I don’t freeze or can asparagus because I’ve not found a way to preserve that it doesn’t come out spongy or slimy.  Can’t stand that!!  We just enjoy it as long as it produces and as long as we’re not tired of eating so much of it.  I’m going to experiment with making an asparagus creamed soup and will let you know how that goes.  That may be one way of preserving it for winter consumption.

6 thoughts on “Spring delicacy

    • We haven’t planted anything yet in our garden and all of the asparagus seemed late coming in compared to past seasons. We have had ice the first week of June at the farm so we never get in a hurry planting beans, potatoes, corn and especially any plants.


    • Good luck!! Ours just keep producing and I don’t do anything to them. I can only imagine what would happen if I added a little chicken manure in the spring before it starts popping through the ground. I may do that this year when it starts going to seed.


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