Mother’s Day Lunch

We truly had a wonderful day with my kids and our friends and it seemed to fly by but I guess that’s because we were having fun!!  The day was full of stories, laughter, getting to know each other and friendship.

For lunch, I fixed a vegie tray, fruit bowl and a small cheese tray.  I made homemade chicken salad, teriyaki chicken wings, and fried morels for the main course.  Of course, the day wouldn’t have been right with a big batch of homemade dinner rolls and loaf of homemade bread.  I made a cocoanut dream cake which was my first attempt at the recipe and it was so moist and good but I dread what it may do to my weight-loss.  I made a cherry crunch tart, also a new recipe, but I wasn’t real thrilled with it so that recipe is coming out of the box!!

Cocoanut dream cake for Mother's Day 2014.

Cocoanut dream cake for Mother’s Day 2014.


One of my guests brought some homemade cheese pastries that were so good and we had tea, lemonade and a new drink I’m using, called marguerita ade.  It is so sweet-tart and really quenches your thirst on a hot day!

Family, friends, and fabulous food, what more could you ask for.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Lunch

  1. Colin Huggins


    Back from a lush green south trip. I’ll e-mail later.
    That cake looks delicious – pity it may be fattening, eh? ha ha.
    My sisters, mother and I had a two course mother’s day lunch at a ritzy restaurant called “The Reef” on the Skillion at Terrigal.
    Not many surfers but the board riders were out in force in wet suits.
    I didn’t have a surf – the water was far too cold for me!

    The view over the beach and the sea is fantastic but unfortunately we saw no whales on their annual migration to the warmer waters of the tropics for the “mating” season.
    I had one of the best Beef Wellington’s I have ever eaten and the dessert was out of this World – some exotic French dessert – so was the price!!!! Still why not splash out on such a special day, eh?


      1. Colin Huggins

        Hmmmmmmmmmmm??? Verification and witnessess may be required, eh? – One itty-bitty piece, no way?? I would whistle Dixie – and have gobbled up the whole “box and dice”. Cakes and I have a loving affinity, especially the one as shown.

        The mail plane ( Qantas ) direct to LAX just flew over so hopefully the photos and letter are no board – or ELSE!!!



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