Greek friends and orchids

I work at Virginia Tech and have met some truly wonderful people and made lots of new friends since coming here in April of 2011.  There are some truly lovely young ladies that work in my office and I think we’ve become good friends.  One is from Oklahoma, one is from Greece, one is from Turkey and one is from Illinois.  Today I would like to tell you about the one from Greece.  She is/was a graduate student and has just defended for her PHD.  She is vibrant, cute as a button, and very lively.  She will be leaving us soon and I’m going to miss her very much but will miss her Mom too!  Her Mom has come over from Greece on two occasions since I’ve been here and you will never meet a more humble, attractive and sweet lady.  She believes that have been her daughter’s second mother and knows how much I love her.  On this trip she presented me with this beautiful orchid which now adorns my west kitchen window.  I hope that I can keep it alive for a very long time in my very cold area since it’s a tropical plant.

Orchid from a very special Greek friend.

Orchid from a very special Greek friend.

Delicate orcid bloom

Delicate orcid bloom

Her daughter brought her mom and two other friends to the farm on Mother’s Day for lunch and a much awaited visit.  I had been trying to get them to the farm since I met her daughter.  We had a wonderful visit, big lunch in which her mother bought some “to-die-for” cheese pastries and we took a short hike around the farm to meet the babies and enjoy the gorgeous day!  Ladies, I will miss you both when “my funny face” graduates this week!!  I hope you know that you are always welcome at the farm!

2 thoughts on “Greek friends and orchids

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I’ve always loved them but couldn’t keep them alive. I tend to over water everything. This one came with a plastic cup about the size of a shot glass and you fill it and water once a week. I hope I keep it alive and would love to have window full of them.



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