Use what you have to earn

Every spring our yard is full and I mean full of two-inch maple tree seedlings and you’ve never seen anything grow as fast as they do.

Maple tree starts

Maple tree starts


I pulled these up in about five minutes on Tuesday evening and put them in a cup of warm water.  There’s 50 in that 12 oz drink cup.  I plan to set them out in individual quart pots this weekend.    You may ask why in the world would you do that.  Well, hubby and I priced these little jewels in a nursery a couple of weeks ago and I’ve checked the prices in where they’re sold in local groceries along with fruit trees, shrubs and potting plants and they all run about $20 – $25 each and they’re about six feet tall.

Sugar maple trees grow really fast and we have them all around our yard.  I have a young one that came up on the outside of the yard fence two years ago.  It is now a little over 10 feet tall and I did nothing to make it grow except leave it alone.  When they reach maturity they will shade the house in the summer and provide maple syrup in the spring.  They’re beautiful trees.  If we can sell these trees in two years or even three years we can make $1000.  My only expense will be my time in pulling them out of the ground as seedlings (5 minutes), potting them using salvaged pots and dirt from anywhere on the farm (maybe one hour) and watering them weekly if there’s no rain for about three months (10 minutes a week for 3 months=120 minutes).  I think I can do this!! Maybe not $1000 for 50 trees but pretty darn close and if we do it for several years.  Sorry folks, I’m getting ahead of myself in a big way!!  We can always dream a little dream.  That’s my warm and fuzzy or do I mean funny for the day!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Use what you have to earn

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I have stacks of pots of every size imagineable and would hope they sale good. If not I’ll transplant them on the farm for future generations to make maple syrup. Lots of our trees are getting old and the new needs to be in the ground and growing to replace those old ones.



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