Little Brother update

On April 7th my youngest brother had a parathyroid gland removed because of a large nodule on it that was causing all sorts of medical issues. Dean did really well during and after the surgery and seems to feel really good even though he was never one to complain unless he had a headache or sinus infection.
We’ve been waiting on the pathology report since that day. It’s seems like it’s been months that we’ve been waiting but finally today we got the news.  The pathology report was negative for any cancer!!  We are so blessed and the counselors at Merryfield all think that he seems to feel better since the surgery though he never complains.

I talked to him on the phone after the appointment and he told me, “Me feel better, now!”  I could have cried!!

Thank you God for blessing us with this news and placing your blessings on Dean!!!

Dean-January 2014

Dean-January 2014

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