Weight-loss update

Winter blahs and some family issues have caused me to backslide and lose my willpower to get this weight off.  I knew I was backsliding when I gained a pound last month and quit keeping my food log.  I tried to pump myself up by buying an exercise mat, a couple videos to dance with, some weights and made a large poster board of pictures of the exercises I needed to do get rid of the inner tube that is supposed to be my waist.

Dance/exercise videos to help me work off the weight.

Dance/exercise videos to help me work off the weight.

Exercise mat and weights.

Exercise mat and weights.

Treadmill to use when it's too cold to get outside and walk.

Treadmill to use when it’s too cold to get outside and walk.

When I get home from work in the evenings I’m wasted.  All I want to do is sit in my recliner and put recipes on index cards, read magazines or my book, or sleep while watching the television!!  I just feel worthless!!

I go back to visit my weight coach tomorrow and hope she’ll have some advise and wisdom to get me back on track.  I sure would like to lose another ten pounds by summer.  I started out at 187 (I think) in September and I just can’t get down past that 170 mark and am terribly afraid I’ve gained this month.  Of course, making desserts and mac & cheese on the weekends doesn’t help either.  BUT, in my defense, I still do not eat after 7:00 in the evening!  I guess it’s time to pull up my “big-girl panties” and get back on track regardless of the weather!!

2 thoughts on “Weight-loss update

  1. Colin Huggins

    Well now – a delicate issue, as they say.
    However, try watching “Evelyn” in the great movie,
    “Fried Green Tomatoes etc” and see if her routine
    would be OK. Her frenzied attempts at losing weight are
    so hilarious.

    How come you use metric weigh numbers???
    Is the state of West Virginia, metric???



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