The Man-Cave

I’ve made a few changes in our main living room.  A lot of our male friends that come to visit never go past the living room so I decided to make it more “male pleasing” with conversation pieces and moved all the frilly to our family room.  I wanted to keep it comfortable enough that anyone would enjoy sitting and talking without feeling like they were in a taxidermy shop.  Here’s what it looked like before:


Living room 3

Living room 3

Living room 2

Living room 2

Living room 1

Living room 1


It’s a small room but seats four comfortably and of course it has my crafty/country adornments.  I wanted to give the new look a more man-ly, outdoors look and to show off hubby’s trophy and pictures.  I started by taking out the “non-hunting” wall decor.






The picture on the right is gone now too!  It’s hanging in the family room.






DSCN4681 I took all of the primitive dolls and floral piks away.

DSCN4680  Not much left on the mantle with the floral, fluff and “my thing” gone.


DSCN4678I’ve decided now to wait until late spring to do any decorating in here so that I can paint the room a delicate ice blue to keep the room bright.  We also had a disaster with the woodstove and stove mat the night we finished the maple syrup.  Hubby’s last run to the sugar house produced about 6-8 more quarts of syrup so he emptied into a pot and filled the sugar pans with just clear water so the pans wouldn’t scorch.  He decided we would just let it cook off on the wood stove while we slept. At 4:00 a.m. I was awakened by the smell of burning sugar!!  Guess what??  It cooked into a rolling boil and out the pot it came, down on the top of the stove, down the sides of the stove and onto the stove mat when I found it.  Hubby was sound asleep from being up since 3:00 a.m. the previous morning so I let him sleep while I quickly carried the pot to the kitchen.  It took two rolls of paper towels to get it up and I ruined two metal spatulas scraping the burning syrup off of the stove.  The stove mat was ruined but I got all of the syrup off of the stove and think it will be polishable when I spring clean and paint.  I definitely have to get a new stove mat.

A new post will come as the “man-cave” makeover begins and ends.

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