Five new babies today

Today we had five new baby calves, four of which are bulls.  They’re adorable but this little bugger has taken my heart:






IMG_0022He’s got droopy little ears like a baby pig!!  The other four are adorable too but this one is my favorite.  He’s got polka dots on the front of his shins!!


5 thoughts on “Five new babies today

  1. Colin Huggins

    What a strange colouration? Pity the calf is a bull, unless you may keep him as a herd bull???
    I wonder if you do, what colouration of calves he would throw / produce with the cows.??
    Would be an interesting scenario.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      His mother is Angus and his father is black white face. He’s a small bull but throwing some beautiful babies. We had hoped to have some heifers (girls) to raise from him but so far he’s throwing bulls. They of course bring more money at the market so we don’t complain too much.



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