The farm has been quite busy for the last three weeks

The farm is always busy but the last three weeks have been quite busy.  My chickens had almost completely quit laying but now the eggs are pouring out of them.  We’re getting 18-22 eggs a day and two of my ladies are starting to show broody signs.  It’s just too cold to set these ladies yet so I think I’ll give them until the first weekend in April to put eggs of my choice under them.

Beautiful eggs of all sizes and colors.

Beautiful eggs of all sizes and colors.


I had thought about buying some babies in mid-April or May but then decided if I’ve got broody hens that won’t give me eggs, I’ll put them to work hatching me some new layers.

Then maple syrup season came on us and last weekend we made 45 pints of the golden nectar.  The weather was such a hit and miss thing that we didn’t invite a lot of people to join us but our daughter had some of her clients come in to see the process.  It was very, very windy the day of the cook-off.

210 gallon tank for sap storage

210 gallon tank for sap storage

Gallon stainless steel bucket used to strain sap into tank.

Gallon stainless steel bucket used to strain sap into tank.

Trees tapped

Trees tapped

Shawn & Heather keep watch on the pan.

Shawn & Heather keep watch on the pan.


Sugar house steaming.

Sugar house steaming.


2014 Golden nectar


AND, the babies are arriving and they are so adorable.  The calves seem a little on the small size this year but that’s fine.  They grow so fast and smaller calves are definitely easier on the mothers.  Here’s a few of our recent arrivals:








And of course, keeping the driveway clear of ice and snow and feeding the cattle has been a chore, not to mention keeping firewood on the front porch to feed the stoves.

Ice on top of snow

Ice on top of snow


You just can't be a good wood fire with the winter we've had.

You just can’t be a good wood fire with the winter we’ve had.


Stay well,  Stay warm.



3 thoughts on “The farm has been quite busy for the last three weeks

  1. Colin Huggins

    (two at once – saves time, eh?)

    Well you have come with a flurry and I am not referring to snow.
    #1. Indoor blog.

    1. Christmas Cactus: I have this growing in a pot downstairs, it is
    not in the best of conditions (reasons unknown !! ), it did OK in the
    bathroom and on the balcony, maybe I should put it back?
    I was under the impression it was a tropical plant, you thus must have green fingers???
    2. Begonia: Holy hell – 6 foot high and indoors! Certainly is a hardy plant – grown here and both grandparents had magnificent displays in their Sydney gardens on their retirements from the rural scene.
    They grow profusely here in Brisbane – some homes have them like hedges. We also had them growing in large pots in our family hotel days and on the Moree / Boomi properties, but never indoors. Well done!
    #2. Outdoor blog.

    1. The calves look great. Angus and baldy faced – the other breed you use. And some already tagged. Well done.
    2. Broody hens: Well it will be interesting, but do you know what eggs contain “rooster” genes?? I believe it can be done. What on earth will you do with the roosters ( and it is generally a 50/50 chance of chicks being one or the other) except keep when till weaned from the mother, then into another pen for getting nice and plump for eating???? Nothing better than “home produced roosters” for roasting, at least you do know what they have been fed, rather than the supermarket variety??
    3. What actual breeds of chickens do you have? Some pure breeds, bantams the exception, don’t go clucky or rarely do.
    I have never heard of a leghorn hen going clucky and now some breeds have this strain bred out of them.
    4. That Maple syrup makes my mouth water – waffles and maple syrup with loads of ice cream – yummy! Not a general item here where little maple syrup is grown – all imported syrup and not all that expensive.

    Very informative blog – thanks – I love seeing what goes on in other countries – even though I have been 8 times to the USA – you always learn something.

    Now down to get that Cactus plant and put back on top of my washing machine in the bathroom – gets the early sun.

    Still no rain as forecast! Hopeless creatures those weather people!


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I read on a blog last year that the shape of the egg told the tale of which sex of chicken you get but that did not deem true. I was told the more rounded the egg you would have hens and pointed roosters. I got just the opposite and had nine roosters and two hens. I may try the opposite way this year or just choose the size and color I like the best and go with that. I will record the results though for future hatching. Roosters do make great chicken salad and chicken and dumplings!!
      As for the maple syrup, once you try the homemade you can’t go back!!
      As for my green thumb I’m not so sure. I love African Violets and kill everyone I’ve tried to grow. I either over water or under water. One of these days I will get it right. Gardening soothes my soul much like quilting and crocheting, and embroidery.



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