I’m Back

I’m back online and computer is functioning quite well.  Mike did not have the issues of getting it to open up but did find lots of files that loaded that shouldn’t have.  He didn’t find any viruses and he did a recovery to the machine prior to the day my office files were downloaded.  He also found some pretty major issues with a virus protection I had downloaded when I first got my computer.  His recommendation was to delete it and to use the Microsoft free protection system.  Computer gurus that he deals with all the time said to stay away from my old program and use the Microsoft because it was as good as some of the high dollar protection systems.  As I’ve said in earlier posts,  I am NOT electronically smart and I listen to the people that are and know what they’re doing!!

I’m back and got more catching up to do and hope you all enjoy the posts that follow!!


1 thought on “I’m Back

  1. Colin Huggins

    No doubt you are relieved that your “IT” fellow sorted out the
    problems. Like you, I am computer illiterate – I just pray (??) and hope for the best.
    Since my PC went off to the “computer hospital” for an operation,
    the “IT” bloke put in new programmes, of which I have no understanding. Friends have told me when it ( the computer) says to update – just ignore – you never know what you are “updating” to.
    So far, this procedure has worked.
    Cheers and ‘welcome back, Stranger’ – courtesy of Joel Grey, the “emcee” in Caberet!



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