Quick Update and Breakdown

I was on a roll for a time and now and broke down.  I downloaded something to my computer on Monday a week ago to be able to work from home and now I’m eat up with a virus!!  I’m furious!!  I have a tech coming to the house this weekend to see if it’s fixable and if so will get back to blogging as soon as possible.  I’ll miss all of you until it’s fixed and in the meantime pray for me that it won’t take too long or cost too much!!


3 thoughts on “Quick Update and Breakdown

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    My problem started with a connection to my job site and working from home. Living out the country I have a very, very slow connection and don’t download anything from Facebook or any social media to my computer. I also am very lucky that I have friends that are computer geeks and will truly take care of my communication needs very reasonably, usually through the barter system. Hunting or fishing at the farm or produce from the farm.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I keep my Microsoft updates updated (sounds redundant) and the Adobe Acrobat because I use those a lot. Other updated are usually ignored as you do. Glad it’s back and got lots to talk about just have to find the time. Have a great week!


  2. Colin Huggins

    Hi Rita
    Well that accounts for your “absence”.
    I was thinking the Virginian blizzards had snowed
    you completely under or you got stuck to the maple
    tree in your “maple sapping enterprise”.

    You have to be so careful with this downloading caper.
    Never download or copy from facebook – you do so at
    your peril and “COST”.

    I hope “IT” people in your state don’t charge the fees
    that we get here – mileage is taken into the factor.
    It cost me $80.00 (Aus) – now again lower than the US $,
    to have one come, then when he started up the stairs the
    fee started – the time factor! And this was a fellow, I am
    friendly with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, I’d hate to get someone
    you don’t know.

    I hope your husband has not appeared and found you in
    a faint after reading this??? Good luck etc etc.



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