The Nasty Beasts are Back

I’ve said in the past how much I detest and despise coyotes.Well, we have almost a month to go for the first spring calf to arrive and nasty beasts are back.  Hubby set snares and has caught two, one young male and this huge male that’s probably two – three years old.

Huge coyote male snared 02/2014

Huge coyote male snared 02/2014


If there’s males around there’s bound to be females and their mating season will soon begin if not already.  This brute could take a newborn calf away from it’s mother in a matter of seconds.  A month old calf in a few minutes if it’s not with the herd.  Of course, these cows always decide to calve out in the woods alone and the babies are then easy prey, especially with canines like these:

Two to three year old male coyote.

Two to three year old male coyote.

There’s open season on them and several trappers are trying to help but Mother Nature gives them the inate sense to breed larger welps when the group get’s killed out or dies out.  We’ve lost too many babies to these predators and stopping them is essential to our farm profits each and every year.

Coyote snared 02022014 (5) Coyote snared 02022014 (11)


Not only do they kill the calves but they devastate the deer population, all livestock and will kill your pets.

Coyote snared 02022014 (9)

Coyote snared 02022014 (8)

I hope I don’t offend anyone with this post but everyone needs to be aware of the problems this creature creates for farmers.


7 thoughts on “The Nasty Beasts are Back

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    Our department of Game will send a guy out to trap them but they are so smart and learn quickly about new methods and what to stay away from. If you have hunters in your area that you trust you may want to give them free range of land and time to call them in. Eddie has had good luck doing that too but I’m not always able to go out with him as a watcher. We have to do something!! There was talk of bringing in Red Wolves to kill them but once the coyotes are gone then we will have the wolves to contend with. It’s neverending!


  2. cheri

    I totally despise coyotes and wolves. We have had a terrible time this year with coyotes. They are just snatching calves right under our noses. Waiting for mama to go get water/hay. Its nasty. We had USDA wildlife services out with the plane. They got a few. Its illegal to trap them in Washington state. But this is outta control and we will do whatever to protect our livelihood.



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