Technologically inept

I love the fact that my family is willing to “help” me stay in the modern world as much as I want to go back in time.  I love gadgets but “jiminy” it takes me forever to learn how to use those gadgets.  I probably own every “books for dummies” printed and just ordered a new one to learn how to get the most of the Android tablet that hubby got me for my birthday.  I wanted one to put books on for reading but this thing is loaded with “gadget widgets” and I don’t have a clue!!!

Took me an hour to figure  what to do after I got it to come on.

Took me an hour to figure what to do after I got it to come on.

Android tablet charging

Android tablet charging

I love using these mechanical wonders and learning new things but man they can fry your brain if you let them.  I’m very blessed to have very intelligent children that help as much as they can to get the instructions to register and stick in my brain!

ANYWAY, I downloaded my first book which is the one that our book club is reading, The Atlantis Gene, and believe it or not I did it correctly.  I’m waiting for the Android Tablet for Dummies to arrive to learn more but now I’m reading and don’t have to worry about losing my spot because it bookmarks when I’m done.  Isn’t that grand!!!

Now, another little gadget I received for Christmas is a MP3 player to use when I’m walking on my treadmill or out-of-doors.  Do you think I’ve loaded the first bit of music on it?  NOT!!  It scares me to death and I’m waiting on my granddaughter to show me how (she has/had one and knows the way)!  I’m sure I’ll love it when she shows me what to do but the instruction book is like reading a legal document and I’d rather be shown how to do than try to follow those instructions.  This old dog can only take in so much at one time!!!

4 thoughts on “Technologically inept

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I think yours and mine are very simple and my daughter got the kindle white for Christmas and has already read 6 books since Christmas. I’m still working on the same one I started week before last but love the Android and not losing my place when the book is moved. Technology is something I’ll have to get used to I guess and still keep my country ways.


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