Frosty Fern_New plant in my house

Frosty Fern (1)


I was shopping in Food Lion a couple of weeks ago and came across this beautiful lady and couldn’t resist bringing her home with me.  It’s call a Frosty Fern and has the most delicate leaves of green with a creamy white frosting on the ends.  Frosty Fern is an appropriate name.   I’m not sure how well it will grow in the house but can’t wait to watch.  I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see how it does and then transplant into a larger pot.  It’s now sitting in a little three-inch pot.

Frosty Fern (3)

I looked up on the internet some information about it and it doesn’t seem that hard to grow.  Here’s what I found:

The frosty fern (Selaginella krausianna variegatus) is a fast-growing and creeping plant that can be used for a ground cover or as a houseplant. The frosty fern’s stems are bright green in color and have tinges of whitish-gold that make the foliage look like it’s covered with frost, hence its name. When you’re selecting a planting site for your frosty fern, ensure that it has enough room to grow. The frosty fern grows to only 12 inches tall, but its stems can spread to more than 1 foot long.

I think this calls for a future update in a couple of months on how we do together!!  Isn’t it beautiful!


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