Crafty morning

I started the morning with some relaxing crafting which was SUPPOSED to be a room clean-up!  Needless to say I got distracted!

I have wanted a new wreath near the front door for a while so I decided to make a wreath that can move to my guest room during the fall when I put out a fall wreath.

Here’s my creation:



I took a simple straw wreath  (on sale for $1.17) and and wrapped with with burlap (on sale for $2.00) .  I had purchased one large bunch of silk flowers ($5.00).  I used my wire cutters to cut the flowers off the big stem leaving a three to four inch stem to work with.  I used floral picks (had too long to remember the price) to attach the flowers to the wreath.  I took a six inch piece of 1/2″ satin ribbon and tied good knots on each end, criss-crossed them and attached to the back of the wreath and “wallah”  I have a new pretty to dress up the entry way.    The flowers were chosen to match the red and purple flowers I have growing this year.

Peppermint rose

Peppermint rose

office desk and home 06132013 017  DSCN4043



I’m pretty darned tickled with all of them!!  Have a wonderful day!!

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