Avoid this washer


New Samsung Washer

New Samsung Washer

New Samsung Washer 2013 (8)I finally wore out my Maytag washer a couple months ago and we went in search of a new one.  I really liked the old one but after 8-10 loads of laundry every Saturday it finally died.   We went to Lowes one night and looked through them and there were several on sale which we thought was great.

After about 45 minutes of reading, comparing and talking we decided on this Samsung 440.  It had a huge washing bin, several settings, energy efficient and more.  It DID NOT have an agitator.  Here’s what she looks like:

New Samsung Washer 2013 (4)


10 Year Warranty

huge washing bin


New Samsung Washer 2013 (9)


Separate dispenser for bleachNew Samsung Washer 2013 (7)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (5)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (3)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (2)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (1)


No missing the chance to add fabric soften, just fill the little drawer with two sections.  One section for softener and another for detergent.  No overloading with soap.


WELL. let me tell you, I hate this thing!!!!  Farmers get dirty and when you have to wash their clothes two or three times to get them clean you’re wasting time, money, and precious water.  There’s nothing in there to move the clothes around and get the dirt out.  The water shoots in from the side but that does NOT get your clothes clean.  The fabric softener lands on what’s under the little drawer and I have had to rewash my dress clothes so many times because the softener stains the clothes.  Once they’re dry it’s almost impossible to get the softener out of it.

Please heed my warning, DON”T buy this machine.  We were told by the salesman that the agitator is a thing of the past, well guess who’s checking CraigsList to find an old washer and possibly a wringer washer!!


3 thoughts on “Avoid this washer

  1. Carol Trutt

    That stinks!! Can you take it back? How about a front loader, those look pretty good, however you would have to mortgage your home to buy one.



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