Peace of driving to work

On my way into work this morning was much cooler than the last few days but the beauty I saw was so peaceful.  Try to imagine this without pictures.

  • Fields of orchard grass waving in the wind and looking like waves of green water.
  • A sky so blue that you think you’ve never seen that blue before.
  • Small, scattered, wispy, white clouds trying so hard to invade the blue sky.
  • Full grown brown rabbits sitting along the road enjoying the warmth of the sun.
  • Flocks of barn swallows flitting together overhead like aircraft gracing the skies in formation doing their intricate stunts
  • A huge United States of America flag gently waving in the wind.
  • Gorgeous orange poppies in flower beds bending gracefully try to touch one another.
  • A long legged doe gently grooming her fawn while trying to hide in the tall orchard grass.
  • Green leaves fluttering like butterflies in the tops of the trees.
  • Quiet country road with no traffic but me until I come to the main roads.

Country life is so precious, peaceful and quiet!!

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