Spring To-Do List

I consider myself a pretty organized person.  I also consider myself a pretty hard worker.  AND, a lot of people that know me think that I’m a cleaning fanatic.  I don’t.  I clean a lot but if I don’t have a list to go by and check off, I only do a fair job.  I have lists for everything.  I have Christmas lists, shopping list, gardening list, spring cleaning lists, spring chores, fall chores, and the list goes on and on and on.  I thought I would share two of my lists today.  First is my spring cleaning list and I start preparing this list during the winter when I can’t do much outside and sitting in front of the TV at night, thinking about the things I should be doing!


In each room:

Dust all decor, furniture(under & around), ceiling fans & lights, walls

Wipe down walls and baseboards, interior and exterior doors

Take down curtains and wash

Clean/shampoo furniture

Wash windows and ceils, inside and out

Clean all trashcans

Clean all fixtures, doorknobs, switch plates, ceiling lights, paintings (including behind)

Clean/replace blinds


Mop floors


In the kitchen:

Purge and organize kitchen

Clean kitchen cabinets and drawers & replace shelving paper

Clean small kitchen appliances

Clean stove top and oven

Clean refrigerator and freezer (new this year, shelving paper on refrigerator shelves and drawers)

Clean all decor on shelves and all wall decor (and behind)

Clean kitchen table and chairs (don’t forget the chair rungs)

Replace kitchen chair pads
In the bedrooms:

Wash bedding

Air the mattresses for several hours and spray w/Lysol

Clean bedroom closets & purge clothing & shoes

Clean Sassy’s bed and replace mattress in her bed

In the bathroom:

Clean bathroom cabinets

Wash shower curtains and liners

Purge medicine and toiletries

Clean the toilet tank, bowl and outside
Special chores to complete during the late spring or during the spring clean:

  • Paint mantel bolts.
  • Make new quilts for bedrooms.
  • Make new hassock covers.
  • Re-finish master bedroom floors .
  • Put down corner round in guest bedroom.
  • Build bookshelves in guest bedroom.
  • Rebuild closet in Master bedroom.
  • Clean out downstairs closet.


    • Put water spigot at back of house.
    • Clean up old herb garden.
    • Clean up game feeders.
    • Clean up bus houses & repair.
    • Move lilies, peonies & roses.
    • Board up the back of the milk house.
    • Stack wood in milk house.
    • Fix roof on sugar house.
    • Clean cellar and apple house.
    • Clean up smoke house.
    • Clean out boat house.
    • Clean up  paddle boat.
    • Replace plug in paddle boat
    • Clean up all lawn furniture.
    • Make new pillows for lawn furniture using old denim jeans.
    • Transplant peonies from mansion & red house.
    • Clean up front porch and mop.
    • Refinish & paint exterior doors from porch.
    • Clean up small chick room in hen house.
    • Tar paper interior walls of chicken house.
    • Paint the chicken house roof.
    • Clean up and store the bird feeders
    • Make more birdhouses.
    • Prune all shrubs & roses in yard.
    • Clean up flower beds.
    • Transplant more garlic to large tire planter from haylot.
    • Set up another tire planter for more rhubarb.
    • Set up another tire planter for asparagus.
    • Move furniture out of tractor shed.
    • Cut out and spray all pawpaw sprouts in back yard.
    • Put dinner bells up (corner of front yard and at gazebo).
    • Paint front porch columns.
    • Stain front porch and waterproof.
    • Clean up yard.
    • Put up solar lights at Gazebo.
    • Replace wire over chicken house windows.
    • Put new bedding in chicken nest.
    • Hang chicken water tank from ceiling near food bin.
    • Put new supers on bee hives.
    • Change batteries in solar lights.
    • Clean off potting table in yard and fill with flowers.
    • Transplant white orchid iris, oriental iris and peonies.
    • Prune and tie up raspberries.
    • Clean off tree limbs in apple orchard.

As you can see I have plenty to keep me busy inside and out of the house.  I think I need some elves or get myself cloned about three or four times.  Oh well, if it gets done, wonderful, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be there another year.  As for my clean house,  if visitors come to see my house instead of me, they can pitch in and help!!  Guess I better get off this computer and get busy!! 😉

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