New Book Club

Eight ladies that I work with have become members of a newly organized book club about a two months ago and we will have our second meeting the second week of May.  I’ll be expanding friendship with some of the girls, getting to know some ladies that I’ve met but don’t know well, and meeting ladies I don’t know but hope to add to my friends group.

When we first met we each were to bring a list of books that we would like to read.  Those books were put on slips of paper, folded and put in a hat to draw the name of the first book to read.  The first book in my opinion was fantastic and the name of it is “Love Lies Bleeding” by Jess McConkey.  I highly recommend it for all women!!  It has a great story line, not too many characters and a strong woman as the main character.

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I’ll blog each month about the books we read and hope it’ll give you some choices for your reading enjoyment.  My list of books to read is constantly growing as you can tell if you hook up to the “GoodReads” link on my blog page.  I love to read and have a very hard time finding the time to do it.

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