Little fluffs of down

Almost four weeks ago I had a little black hen get broody on me and she kept filling up nests with her body when I needed hens that were laying eggs in them.  She is a bantam cross that was given to me by a couple that had to move to the city.  She’s a good layer but of small eggs.  I decided to “set” her on six eggs of my choice and size.  I only felt comfortable putting six eggs under her because of her size and the size of the eggs I wanted hatched.  I had no trouble putting her in the “setting room” of the main hen house and she diligently stayed on the nest.

Last Saturday she gave me four new little fluffs of down and she is a very fiesty mother. One egg wasn’t fertile of the six I put under her and the other little one just couldn’t get out of the shell quick enough.  I will leave them in the “setting room” until this next round of cold rain moves through and then let Mom take them into the big girls quarters.  I hope they’re all litle hens and no roosters in the bunch!!








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