Preparing for first arrival of hummingbirds

DSCN3259                                                                                                                                                   Cleaned and ready to fill.





Waiting for hummingbird food to cool and pour into feeder!


I know it’s still cool but I always put my hummingbird feeders out on the 15th of April and it never fails that they arrive around that week.  I’ve pulled out one feeder and cleaned it.  I make them a mixture of 4:1 water to sugar.  Last year we had over 20 by mid summer and the year before about thirty and they kept me busy filling feeders.  We usually have four feeders on the front porch and so enjoy watching them feed, flutter and fuss as they are very territorial.  This is a picture of last years group.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for first arrival of hummingbirds

  1. Jane Fritz

    You’re a month ahead of me, but our routines are identical. And if I don’t put my feeders out in time, a hummingbird will show up and “stand” in the air precisely where he or she knows the feeder should be!



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