Calving season on Caldwell Farm

It is calving season on the farm now and we’ve lost three and have 22 on the ground and healthy.   We usually have baby calves that weigh between 50-70 pounds at birth.  Yesterday we had a first time mama give birth to one that Eddie says is every bit of 125 pounds and Mama is doing great.  She has plenty of milk and is very attentive to the baby.  When found yesterday afternoon Eddie was shocked and had to work with him for a couple hours.  Then I went to help and we gave him some supplemental milk to keep him warm and give him some extra strength.  We think maybe his back legs were numb because he couldn’t keep them up for a long time.  Mama kept cooing at him and cleaning him and encouraging him.  Eddie went to him three more times before we went to bed and tried to give him some more milk but he wouldn’t take it.  This morning  the big boy is up after a long struggle and doing fine and nursing alot.    We’ve lost three calves this year to what we think is a bull that throws monster babies and he’s going to market in the fall if not before.  It’s just too hard on the mama’s and two of the mama’s will have to be sold so as not to have anymore babies.  Here’s a few pics of Mom and son.










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