Annual Checkup

I went to my doctor yesterday for my annual checkup which came out quite well considering how bad I’ve felt all winter.  All of my lab work came back excellent except the good cholesterol which she said was low but thought that might be due to not be able to get out and do my normal chores and walking.  We decided the stairs at my office will suffice until I can but not to do so much that I might start wheezing again.  Dr. Cris was wonderful though as usual and we dealt with my congestion/bronchial issues at great length.  In January, she put me on an antibiotic and a albuterol inhaler for the breathing problems.  I was starting to feel better the last day of the antibiotics  but three days later I was right back where I started.  I continued to use the inhaler and Mucinex DM for two more weeks and I was no better and at night much worse.  I sent Dr. Cris an email and told her what was going on and that even though I had my flu shot I was afraid to come into their office because of the flu epidemic.  I reminded her that I had been fighting this junk since mid-September and was bound to my home and office almost all the time.  She was very concerned and put me on another inhaler called QVAR and we decided to see how that went until my annual checkup which was scheduled in two weeks.  The pharmacist that filled the QVAR told me not to use both of the inhalers and I didn’t.  Dr. Cris had a fit when I told her yesterday.  She sent me for a chest x-ray, told me to use both of the inhalers twice a day, continue the Mucinex DM and she also put me on 10 days worth of prednisone.  At the end of that 10 days I should be much improved if not completely well and if I’m not I’m supposed to send her another email and she is sending me to a lung specialist.  We haven’t got the results of the chest x-ray yet but maybe tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Annual Checkup

    • Call again when you can. My guests were Heather, Victoria and her boyfriend but they were in Heather’s rental vehicle and me and Sassy didn’t recognize it. They visited until after dark and we had a really good visit. Miss you and we do need a day to catch up!!


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