2013 Maple Syrup Season Completed

It took three days of work for my husband and a very special friend and our kids and the maple syrup is cooked off and ready to sell.  From 235 gallons cooked down to 59 pints of golden maple syrup.  

Hubby collected the sap three days and stored the tank in the garage to keep it chilled.  He and our friend from Giles county worked on it from 10:30 Friday morning until 12:30 that night and started again at 6:30 on Saturday morning.

 Several of the neighbors came to visit and watch the creation and some friends from Blacksburg came on Saturday afternoon but not in time to watch the procedure.  They were fascinated with the results and the education they received about Mother Nature and maple syrup.  

I’ve decided to complete this post with the pictures I have of the event which my daughter took.  I was under the weather and banned to the house and a very special friend stayed in with me so we could catch up while I filtered the syrup and canned it.  All in all, everyone had a good time and there were lots of smiles throughout the day!

Tap buckets are running over 03162013

Final pan boiling down 03162013

Golden maple syrup 03162013

Eddie and Jared in a maple syrup fog 03162013

Shawn skimming the foam from the sap_syrup03162013

Marion Ross joins the maple syrup festivities 03162013

Preparing to take off a batch 03162013







3 thoughts on “2013 Maple Syrup Season Completed

  1. Carol Trutt

    Don”t forget to save me a quart. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit Saturday. Sorry we missed everything but we had a great time. Happy to meet hubby, daughter, son and friends.



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