I need help from my blogging friends.

This weekend I started a  new page on my blog called “Recipes from My House to Yours”.  I thought I would share my recipes this way than through a regular post.  What I entered over the weekend looks like I expected and I kinda like it.  However, tonight I added a page to it under the parent page in position one.  After I published it, I went to see how it looks and I can’t find it unless I go my dashboard under pages.  What did I do wrong?  Any help will be much appreciated!!!  I’ve looked through all of WordPress hints that I’ve printed off and thought this was the correct way to add to the “page” posts.   On another note, did any of you receive a notice that I posted the new page/pages or will you only receive the posts for the home page?

HELP  :(!


7 thoughts on “I need help from my blogging friends.

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      On my blog, click on tab that says “Recipes From My House to Yours”. It’s at the top of the page. Each time I add a new recipe I’ll send out a new post and the new recipe should be at the top. Hope you like them!


  1. Jane Fritz

    Rita, I’m looking at your blog on my tiny little iPod Touch at the moment, but your new page shows up as part of your menu. It looks great. However, WordPress won’t send any message out when you add to
    it, so you’ll have to include a notice as part of a post. It’s a bit frustrating that way. Great idea though for everyone who looks from time to time.



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