My Shadow

I have a gentle soul waiting on me every morning when I leave the house for work!  She waits for me every afternoon at the front gate to come home from work.  She goes with me every day I get to gather eggs and waits outside the henhouse until I’m done feeding and gathering.  She walks beside me back to the house occasionally grabbing at my ankle to stop and pet her.  She was orphaned at the farm a few years before we moved there and walked the roads from building to building finding food for herself and outwitting the coyotes and other critters that like cats.  She had been spayed at some point and it amazes me that someone didn’t claim her.  I started calling for her when I would see her close to the house and leave little treats to try to coax her in.  I started leaving her a water bowl and food bowl in the corncrib where I saw her frequent once she got used to the treats.  Finally, we became friends and after about a year she became friendly with hubby and my kids but only them.  When company arrives, she disappears.  She is definitely my cat and we’ve great comfort to each other.  I would like for you all to meet “Miss Fuzzy”.  Isn’t she beautiful?!?!?

Miss Fuzzy

Miss Fuzzy

She is my shadow!

She is my shadow!

Waiting outside the henhouse!

Waiting outside the henhouse!

According to our vet she should be about eleven years old now and she’s a good hunter.  She doesn’t stay under your feet.  She loves keeping my lap warm when we’re sitting on the porch!

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