Belle - the traveler

Belle – the traveler

This is our traveling hound.  Hubby has had for a little over a month and you’ll remember week before last that I was begging for any information from anyone that may have seen her.  Belle was gone for exactly seven days on the National Forest that sits between our farm and Johns Creek in Craig County.  The forestry office makes sure the roads going through the National Forest in some areas are closed during the winter months and any real wet seasons to try to keep down on road repairs.  The National Forest Road that Belle was traveling is fourteen miles long and our place is about half way through.  No one lives on these roads except at one end or the other.  The creek was up from snow melt and rain we had been receiving and too high for her to cross.  So she walked and walked and walked.  She came out on what I think is the west end onto a farm that was rented by friends of friends.  Their kids were out playing in the cow pasture and Belle went to them.  She was cold, tired, hungy and I think very happy to finally see some humans.  They took very good care of her until we could pick her up.

Belle is eleven years old, loves to hunt and believe it or not a week after we got her home, Hubby took her and Roxie hunting again but just a mile up the road from our house.  They hunted good but after the first treeing and the coon was out of the tree, Belle was off again.  Roxie followed but went on another track and we don’t know what happened to Belle.  Hubby came home without her AGAIN!!  Thankfully he found her the next morning at a neighbors house which connects to our farm.

Hubby said he knew things weren’t going to go good when he left the truck with the dogs that night because he immediately ran into other hunters and their dogs.  We don’t know if she went to the mountain again after another coon, went looking for the other hunters and their dogs, or if she was trying to find her way back to Botetourt county.  So tonight, he went hunting again but without Belle and only Roxie.  We think maybe we had better get her in better shape and make her more familiar with her new home.  She’s got a long ways to go to put weight back on and build up some stamina.  Here’s a couple more pictures of her and you can tell her ribs are showing and she doesn’t hold herself very good.







Another thing I wanted to point out is how much her and Brandy look alike.  Belle has a much grayer face and isn’t quite as big as Brandy.  Here they are side by side:



Belle - the traveler

Belle – the traveler

She sure does get around good for her age and condition!!

2 thoughts on “Belle

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I don’t think a puppy would have made it and coyotes would have surely gotten a puppy. Belle is doing better but has a long way to go. Eddie said yesterday that when he fed her he left her food bowl on the outside of her doghouse. She would come out and get a mouth full, go back in her house, eat it and come back for more. He watched her do it for a long time. Bless her heart, the wind was going straight through her. She’s got a long ways to go to come through this ordeal!!



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