Belle is missing!!

Would those followers of mine be on the lookout for an eleven year old Walker hound.  She has a collar with our name and phone number on it.  We’ve only had Belle for about three weeks and she’s such a lovable hound.  Hubby was coon hunting with her and Roxy on Saturday night on Little Mountain in front of our house.  They treed once in a den tree and hubby pulled them off the tree and moved on.  They took off for awhile and Roxy came back but Belle didn’t.  I”m so afraid she is hurt and can’t get back.  We’ve had her such a short time that I don’t have a picture of her but will post one that looks a lot like her so you’ll know what a Walker looks like if she should come in to your place.  I’m sure she’s cold and hungry now.  She’s very friendly and we want her home bad.  Hubby is hunting in the same area tonight hoping she’ll hear Roxy and come to him.  We got Roxy and Belle from the same owner who gave them to hubby because he was getting too old to hunt them and they love coon hunting.  Those of you that live near know our phone number and can call anytime.   Here’s a picture of Brandy who we think is Belle’s litter mate as they came from the same original owner and both are eleven years old.  Belle is much whiter in the face.



4 thoughts on “Belle is missing!!

  1. shirley

    I can’t spell either… I have worked on connor’s quilt some today. Its a airplane quilt of course appliqued planes red and blue on white and solid blue and red filler squares. might get it done time he’s 21.Haha


  2. shirley

    Hope you find your dog . Iigot aggravated and turned one of crystals cats out Sat. nite and we didn’t finf it until Sunday afternoon.



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