Pictures gone in my posts :(

About four posts back a problem occurred in my blog posts.  No one could see the pictures!! I figured out what I did on the blog.  There is a folder called Add Media/Media Library that all of the pictures on my posts was stored in and I thought I would be a genious and free up some space on it.  Well, when I deleted almost all of those pictures, I lost all of them in ALL of the posts.  Live and learn!!  Now, I have to figure out which ones were there and put them back.   This may take some time so bear with me!!    I guess the old saying of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” really applies in my case!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!

4 responses to “Pictures gone in my posts :(

  1. Bless your heart! One way I keep a portion of my sanity is saving my posted photos in folders according to the same dates of my blog postings (in a folder spec’d for my blog).


  2. Technology is wonderful when it works (and we work it properly), but when it doesn’t. . .


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